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                                            Chicken Dumplings

1 egg, well beaten,                                                              5T. cold water,           
3T. shortening,                                                       1 1/2c. all purpose flour,   
1 tsp. salt,                                                        1 can cream of chicken soup,
1 chicken

Cook chicken with seasonings until tender. De-bone. Add cream of chicken soup to chicken broth. 
Beat egg; add water and shortening. Mix and add flour and salt. Divide into 2 parts; roll dough 
as thin as possible and cut into squares.  Coat well with flour.  Drop one at a time in rapidly 
boiling broth.  Sprinkle black pepper along as the dumplings are dropped. Cook for 20 minutes.

                                           My Cinnamon Rolls

4c. all purpose flour,                                                   2T+2tsp. baking powder, 
2tsp. salt,                                                                    2/3c. shortening, 
1 1/2c. buttermilk(with 1/2 tsp. baking soda stirred in),                             margarine,
brown sugar,                                                                           cinnamon, 
powdered sugar,                                                                            milk

Roll out about 1/2-inch thick. Cover with soft margarine and brown sugar; Sprinkle on cinnamon. 
Roll up jelly roll style, slice; put on greased pans. Bake at 500 about 20 minutes or until 
done. Glaze with powdered sugar mixed with a little melted butter and milk.


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